We may never have been more at home than during the Corona pandemic, and now the gas pizza oven from Cozze has made it possible to spend time in the garden making perfectly homemade pizza on the terraces and in your gardens all over the world.

When the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, one thing is for sure - enjoying great food outside is a must! Homemade pizza is difficult to cook properly in an ordinary oven. With our new Cozze Pizza Oven you can cook delicious homemade pizzas on the spot!

The pizza oven reaches a temperature of 400 degrees in 20 minutes, and you can bake your pizza in just 2 minutes on the included pizza stone in the oven.

Along with the launch of the pizza oven, Cozze follows suit with the launch of an outdoor table with details in FSC certified wood, Pizza spade, Pizza roll, Pizza cutting board, as well as covers and carrying case for the outdoor table and pizza oven.

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Cozze Pizza oven