Cozze® regulator set with regulator and manometer, 1.1 metre hose and clamp DK/NO/EU


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EUR 36.99



Product description

Used to regulate the amount of gas used by, for example, a pizza oven. Gas regulator set for pizza ovens, gas barbecues, gas heaters, patio heaters, etc.

The regulator set consists of:
Gas regulator with safety pressure gauge
1.1 metre hose
2 clamps for hose connection, plus additional thread connection, 1 x 1/4" for fitting hose

Useful information:
The safety pressure gauge on the regulator ensures that you can check that the gas flow is correct.
If the pressure gauge suddenly displays a lower pressure, this may be due to a fault or leaks during installation, so you should immediately shut off the gas supply and disconnect the regulator from the gas bottle.
We recommend regular safety checks of gas hoses and regulators.
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