An experienced company continuing to grow

About Millarco

Millarco is a 100% Danish owned company with more than 30 years of experience.

Since 1986 Millarco has selected a wide range of skilled companies in Asia that are able to deliver and further develop the quality of the products, in order to continue to ensure a large turnover and earnings throughout the chains. The range spans many price groups, ranging from promotion level to semi-professional tools at the more expensive end of the scale. The range is continually evolving and can be combined to form strong chain concepts that match chains’ needs optimally and are offered for “do-it-yourself” distribution in attractive, promotional packaging. In addition, we have a strong and efficient logistics and finance department.

We have a wide range of our own brands and over 3,000 saleable items in our ranges. We supply everything in tools, hardware, garden tools and barbecue equipment for the do-it-yourself market in the Nordic area. This is done through building chains, department stores, furniture stores, tool stores, hardware stores and wholesalers. Our wide product range enables us to satisfy the needs of the population in Scandinavia.

“We have created a culture that understands how to take good care of our customers and of ourselves. Our values are based on honesty, trustworthiness, quality and commitment.”

 “By living up to these, we safeguard the basis for continuing the company’s expansion and creating skilled employees.”

Lars Bærentsen, CEO & Owner

The commandos of logistics

Handling thousands of containers, many chains and various concepts has created a team of what we like to call ‘the commandos of logistics’.
Millarco uses a voice-controlled product picking process, and efficiency has increased by 15%. At the same time the error rate has fallen more than 10 times, so customers are guaranteed the right products in the right quantities. One of the major advantages is that the warehouse staff have both hands free, which also has optimised working conditions at Millarco.
Millarco has room for many products. Our high-bay warehouse is 8,000 m².
Millarco wants to constantly strengthen its position as an attractive workplace with committed employees who take responsibility for their own development and that of the company and who feel pride in being part of the Millarco team.

Your supplier of everything for the garden and “do-it-yourself” products!​

One big, professional family

You can easily find companies in our industry that have more employees, buy more, have a larger turnover and promise more. On the other hand, we are quite unique when it comes to delivering the goods and we take it to a whole new level – treating suppliers with respect for their businesses, fulfilling customer needs and creating a good working environment for our employees and everyone else, who every day do their utmost throughout the supply chain to be able to live up to what we have agreed.

Whether it’s product range, distribution opportunities or our online shop, we only offer solutions that we can vouch for and that work for us and for our customers. Our organisation is based on honesty, trustworthiness, commitment and quality, and that’s something we are proud of.

We are large enough to have sufficient capacity and skilled specialists in all areas, but we are also small enough to be able to work across departments and come together to address the challenges that arise in day-to-day operations. 

We don’t think in terms of our own groups and departments, but see the big picture. Millarco’s professional network is a global family that works well together, where we help and respect one another and create room for development and ideas.

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